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Information about our work with GDPR

As of 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR) applies as a law for all EU and EEA member states. It is the largest inventory of personal privacy over the last 20 years and it brings a lot of changes. Among other things, it will strengthen the personal integrity of individuals and increase responsibility for personal data administrators.

Doro initiated work in our organization at an early stage to ensure that we meet GDPR requirements. We highly value the great importance to our customers' trust and it will be a highly prioritized task to us as responsible for your personal data that we do not handle more data than necessary and that they are handled in a safe and secure way.

Doro has always attached great importance to personal integrity and to protect our customers. We know that many people are in an aged stage of life and sometimes need extra help. Doro has appointed Data Protection Officer whose task is to review how we work with GDPR issues and who will carry on our work even after the law has come into force.

During our preparation, we have reviewed our organization and mapped all personal information we handle. We have also worked to actively develop our routines, continually review our business and our agreements, train our employees and review our security systems. The activities carried out under Doro Care are certified for ISO 27001, which has provided a good foundation for our work. Our ambition is that your information will never be exposed to risks and that the people who work with your information are aware of and work based on our security and privacy requirements.

Processing of personal data

The data specified in our systems by our customers, and in some cases their users, is processed only according to the customer's instructions as well as the terms of our current and updated terms of agreement. We will not share your information with third country recipients without your knowledge and consent.

Use of subcontractors

Doro mainly carries out all personal data processing operations, but we also hire certain third party suppliers that support us in our work. We are very careful in our selection process and ensure that our suppliers have good skills and can maintain the right level of confidentiality and security. We will ensure that you provide information about those of our suppliers who receive your personal information even before you start using a service we offer.

Safety and security

According to GDPR, we will work based on the appropriate technical and organizational measures required to ensure an adequate level of protection of your personal data. Doro strives to always provide the latest security and build a secure infrastructure that ensures safe deployment of our services, secure data storage, secure communications together with secure and private communication with our customers through our information channels such as the Internet, phone and email.

The security of our infrastructure has been constructed in layers of different levels. We use, among other things, encryption, authentication, security keys and anonymization to protect your data. Through our Doro Care service and in our alarm centers, we treat some sensitive personal data, thus providing additional protection.

How does this affect as a customer?

In relation to the municipalities that use Doro Care, we are primarily personal data processors. This means that personal data belonging to an individual is processed and stored on behalf of the municipality in our systems. It is the municipality that is responsible for the tasks, but we meet the requirements that are imposed on us. These requirements have increased with GDPR. Doro has therefore reviewed and updated our personal data contract, supplier agreement and storage times.

We have reviewed our customer records and reviewed and ensured that all information we store about you is necessary for us. We have developed our routines and have developed new systems to make it easy for you to get in touch with us and to exercise your rights under GDPR. This will give you a stronger protection and make it easier for you to stay informed.

As a customer of ours, it may be good to look around on our website and familiarize yourself with what we do and how we process your information. You can find our privacy policy here. There is all information about how we handle your personal data.

Also, do not forget to update about other companies' work with GDPR such as Google or Facebook. We cooperate with these companies, but we are not the responsible and liable person for the information you provide to them because we do not handle or decide how to process their data.

Doro will also continue to work with personal data processing and GDPR, and will update the website, if necessary, and provide further information about our continued work. Therefore, please return to our website to stay up to date.

As a customer of Doro, you can easily request and provide information that provides you with information about all the handling we conduct regarding your personal information, including the information we share. You can also request that we correct your information, supplement them or delete them. You can also request that we transfer them to someone else (data portability). If you wish to request any of the above please visit www.doro.com/gdpr.

Doro may deny a request that is repetitive, compromises the privacy of others, or concerns access that may not be given due to law.


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