Code of Ethics

Doro’s Code of Ethics is a guide for both employees and the company’s suppliers in order to secure   responsible conduct towards all our stakeholders.

With regard to its employees, Doro focuses in particular on:

  • Work environment
  • Labor rights
  • Reward and development
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Employee participation

With regard to its customers, Doro focuses on:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Product quality
  • Prohibited gifts and favors

With regard to its suppliers, Doro focuses on:

  • Prohibited gifts and favors
  • Human rights and worker safety
  • Environmental issues

With regard to society, Doro focuses on:

  • Compliance with laws and other local regulations
  • Commitment to the community
  • Environmental impact

With regard to its shareholders, Doro focuses on:

  • Communication

Here you can download the full version of Doro’s Business Ethics


Doro AB
Jörgen Kocksgatan 1 B
211 20  Malmö
Phone 0046 46 280 50 00

Corporate identification number

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