Doro AB's Nomination Committee for the 2015 Annual General Meeting

Lund, 2014-10-14 15:00 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  

In accordance with the decision by Doro's Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 12 May,2014, the chairman of the board, Bo Kastensson, have been appointed member of the nomination committee. He has after consultation with the electorally major shareholders of the company as per 1 September, appointed two additional members who also represent the two largest shareholders as per September 1st.

Theodor Jeansson, nominated by Originat AB
Arne Bernroth, nominated by Nordea Investment Funds

The Nomination Committee will prepare proposals for the AGM in 2015, including proposals for the Chairman of the AGM, Board members, Chairman of the Board,remuneration for Board members, auditors, fees to the auditors, and to the extent deemed necessary, the tasks and composition of the Nomination Committee for the AGM in 2016.

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee should send
an email to valberedning@doro.com.

About Doro
Doro AB is a Swedish public company formed in 1974. It released its pioneering ‘easy-to-use’ mobile phone in 2007 and today is the global market-leader within the category. Doro products and solutions are available in 30 countries spanning five continents. These include; mobile phones and smart devices, applications and software, fixed line telephony,telecare and mobile health solutions. Doro removes barriers to adoption of new technologies and holds numerous international awards in recognition of its product designs and innovations. Doro’s shares are quoted on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange, Nordic List,Small Companies. Revenues of SEK 1,142.5 million were reported for 2013. www.doro.com


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