Doro launches two additional senior phones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and confirms its smartphone strategy

Lund, 2013-02-27 08:00 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Doro presents several new mobile phone releases at the on-going Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Doro introduces the Doro PhoneEasy® 622, a modern and stylish feature phone with smart technology aiming at the consumer market, and the Doro Secure® 681, the company’s second handset specifically adapted for the delivery of telecare services both inside and outside the home. In addition, the company confirms its intention to attract new and younger seniors with its second smartphone that is set to be launched during the second half of 2013.

According to a new study, conducted by IPSOS for Doro, approximately 80 percent of people aged over 65 years now have access to a mobile phone.

Half the population of seniors want a reliable, stylish and easy-to-use feature phone. In response to this, Doro is pleased to introduce a new concept in easy mobiles. A 3G feature phone that uses cloud-based and smart technologies – the new Doro PhoneEasy® 622.
For seniors requesting assistance, The Doro Secure® 681, the latest addition to the Doro Secure® portfolio, opens up the market for telecare providers to offer mobile solutions.

“Our Care division is addressing seniors who need more support. No longer will people using telecare support services be confined to their homes. We have made telecare mobile and through Doro Secure® 681 ensured that user security is not compromised” says Jérôme Arnaud Group CEO at Doro in a comment.

The other half of seniors wishing to renew their phone are actively considering going ‘smart’ at their next upgrade, according to the IPSOS-study. Less than one out of five seniors has a smart phone - so the market opportunity for progression from feature phone to smart device is clear.

“In response to these changes we’ll be launching our second smart phone later this year – the Doro PhoneEasy® 810. It will be an emancipating device and a technology challenger in true Doro style and through this release we will offer a significant point of difference”, continues Jérôme Arnaud.

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About Doro
Doro AB is a Swedish public company formed in 1974. It released its pioneering ‘easy-to- use’ mobile phone in 2007 & today is the global market-leader within the category. Doro products & solutions are available in thirty countries spanning five continents. These include; mobile phones & smart devices, applications & software, fixed line telephony, telecare & mobile health solutions. Doro removes barriers to adoption of new technologies & holds numerous international awards in recognition of its product designs & innovations. Doro shares are quoted on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm exchange, Nordic List, Small Companies. Revenues of SEK 837.5 million were reported for 2012. www.doro.com

To the editors:

Doro PhoneEasy® 810
will be Doro’s first ‘touch only’ model and will come in an ergonomic form, with easy grip and soft touch coating. The device will be powered by Doro’s own smart interface - Doro Experience® - which uses the company’s IP to make applications and software easier to use.

Doro PhoneEasy® 622 is powered by Doro’s remote device management tool, Doro Experience® Manager. This elegant device is Doro’s highest-level feature phone to date and includes great features such as the ability to record and share video. It also has a weather forecast application on the home screen. It comes in an easy-to-open clamshell design, with outside screen for instant caller identification. As with all Doro mobiles it brings a host of ergonomic and inclusive design benefits. These include loud, clear and amplified sounds using wideband audio technology, adjustable text size, a large clear and bright screen, intuitive menus and the option to hide functions.

Doro Secure® 681 is the first mobile phone to feature an embedded class one telecare radio receiver. This connectivity makes it compatible with Doro’s range of sensors and triggers, which include wearable wrist, neck and fall sensors, plus additional sensors for the home of motion, door, flood and smoke detectors. As a consequence, the Doro Secure® 681 enables people who currently rely on the support of a fixed-line telecare service more freedom, mobility and enjoyment with increased security. Doro has worked with leading telecare providers to ensure this new handset provides the core features and functions demanded by the industry. There are also additional security measures to this device. Inbuilt monitors automatically check and report the charge level of the phone and sensor batteries. It also gives the functionality to create safe zones and ring fence the user for added assurance. The Doro Secure® 681 will be part of the Bosch Telecare selection.

This is information that Doro AB (publ) is required to publish in accordance with the Swedish Securities Markets Act and/or the Swedish” Financial Trading Act. This information was submitted for publication on February 27, 2013 at 08:00 a.m. CET.


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