Doro senior technology designs continue to storm across the U.S. in 2010

Press releaseLund, Sweden, January 5, 2010Doro senior technology designs continue to storm across the U.S. in 2010Global Demand Surges for Doro's Award-Winning Mobile Phones Doro, the global leader in designing smart, easy-to-use, and stylish phones forbaby boomers and active seniors is exhibiting their entire line ofsenior-friendly products at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show(CES), January 7-10, 2010. Jérôme Arnaud, CEO of Doro, is also speaking on apanel of industry thought leaders titled, “Forever Young: Tech Assist for LifeAfter 50”. Doro joins the growing ranks of companies focused on designingtechnologies for seniors and is demonstrating their line of products at theSilvers Summit, a showcase of the products and services to help baby boomersand seniors enjoy the benefits of technology. On the floor of the International CES in Las Vegas, the 2010 Silvers SummitExhibition area at CES is 50 percent larger than it was in 2009. “After yearsof a technology ‘arms race,' where designers crammed more and more technologyinto smaller and smaller devices, designers realized that their grandparentscouldn't handle or see or hear these new devices. So now, designers like Doroare stepping back to look at how individuals actually interact withtechnology”, declared Robin Raskin, head of the Silvers Summit at CES. “Doro isleading this exciting growth area in consumer electronics”. “With one year's success in the U.S. and 30 years' success in Europe, we atDoro see from our senior-testing facilities and from our sales reports thatthere is a growing market for smart, innovative designs for seniors”, saidArnaud. “When people are young, they get used to the conveniences oftechnology, but as they age, those technologies become more difficult to use.Our designers spent years working with seniors, testing dexterity, vision,hearing, and memory. We crafted a stylish and thoughtful line of consumerelectronics to meet the needs of anyone as they age”. “We launched Doro Care in Europe several years ago with the belief that simple,stylish product designs will appeal to seniors and consumers worldwide”,explained Arnaud. “Doro's huge jump in  worldwide sales validates thisconviction. We saw an order uptake of 38 percent in the third quarter of thisyear and have established a truly global presence”. For Doro, the passion for making quality senior products extends beyond thecompelling business opportunity. “The Swedish heritage of Doro helped us be atthe forefront of designing consumer technology for seniors, this is the reasonwe named our product line Doro Care”, said Arnaud. “This is a very personalissue for all of us at Doro and something we feel passionately about”. Over a year ago, Doro arrived in the U.S. with ergonomically designed, stylishphones to answer the call of the growing population of seniors accustomed tomobile phones as part of their lives. Armed with scientific studies, surveys ofseniors, and surging sales across Europe, Doro entered the U.S. advocating theneed for technologies that adapt to seniors' bodies as they gradually changefrom the natural aging process. In October, Doro continued to build on thismomentum by releasing two mobile phones in the US market: the Doro PhoneEasy®410gsm and Doro PhoneEasy® 345gsm and announcing a partnership with ConsumerCellular, the exclusive service provider for AARP, providing access to theirnearly 40 million members. Doro's passion won recognition in 2009 from the prestigious iF Gold ProductDesign Award and the ‘WonderVision Award' presented by Stevie Wonder. Dorocontinues to receive praise from users all over the world who are finallycomfortable with their mobile phones. For further information, please contact:President and CEO Jérôme Arnaud, +46 70 918 55 42or CFO Annette Borén, +46 70 630 00 09Doro U.S. Corporate Representative, Christopher Lundström, +1 212 300 6864This is information that Doro AB (publ) is required to publish in accordancewith the Swedish Securities Markets Act and/or the Swedish Financial TradingAct. This information was submitted for publication on January 5, 2010 at 4.30pm CET. About DoroWith over 30 years' experience in telephony Doro is today characterized byinnovative and user-friendly consumer electronics products. The companydevelops, markets and sells a wide range of products in two business units:Care Electronics and Home Electronics. The company's products are sold in morethan 30 countries worldwide through a variety of retail outlets, includingelectronics stores, online stores and specialized channels. The company hadsales of SEK 363 million in 2008. Doro's shares are quoted on the OMX NordicExchange Stockholm, Nordic list, Small companies. Read more about Doro at www.doro.comCES 2010 Booth Number: North Hall Booth #3210


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