Annual General Meeting of Doro AB March 26, 2009

Annual General Meeting of Doro AB March 26, 2009On Thursday, March 26, 2009, Doro AB held its Annual General Meeting in Lund,Sweden. The meeting was chaired by Bo Kastensson, who is also Chairman of theBoard.In his address CEO, Jérôme Arnaud affirmed that the company had taken a furtherstep in 2008 to expand its Care Electronics operations. “This is in line withthe strategy I announced last year, we strengthened the growth trend, primarilyin Care Electronics, that began in 2007”, said Jérôme Arnaud. “Between fourthquarter 2007 and fourth quarter 2008, our sales in gsm increased by 192 percent.Our mobile phones are now listed at major operators and retailers and we havewon a number of highly prestigious awards.”The AGM reached the following decisions, among others:The Income Statements and Balance Sheets were adopted and the Board ofDirectors' proposed treatment of the loss brought forward was approved, meaningthat no dividend will be paid for the 2008 fiscal year (for 2007: SEK 0).The AGM approved directors' fees for 2009 as follows: a fixed fee of SEK600,000, of which SEK 300,000 will be paid to the Chairman of the Board and ofwhich SEK 100,000 will be paid to each board member elected by the AGM and notan employee of the company. These amounts include remuneration for committeework in which the board members participate over the year.Bo Kastensson, Jonas Mårtensson, Peter Blom and Jérôme Arnaud were re-elected asboard members. Karin Moberg was elected as a new board member. Karin Moberg'sexperience includes 15 years in a number of leading positions within Telia andTeliaSonera. There she held positions as head of a subsidiary responsible forbroadband and Internet in the Swedish market, business manager for directoryenquiries, Vice President of marketing, brand manager and Vice President ofcommunications. In addition to her assignment at Doro AB, Karin Moberg is amember of the Board of the Seventh AP Fund. Karin, who is 45, currently owns noshares in Doro AB. Tomas Persson had declined re-election.Bo Kastensson was elected Chairman of the Board.The AGM approved a proposal by shareholders representing approximately 40percent of total voting rights in the company regarding the composition of theNomination Committee ahead of the 2010 AGM. The Nomination Committee shallconsist of the following three members: Tedde Jeansson (Originat AB), ArneBernroth (Nordea Bank) and Bo Kastensson (Chairman of the Board). Tedde Jeanssonshall chair the Nomination Committee. The composition of the NominationCommittee may be changed during the year if major changes occur in the company'sownership structure or if any member leaves the Committee before its work iscomplete. In such a case an initiative shall be taken by the Chairman of theNomination Committee.The AGM approved the Board's proposal regarding guidelines for remuneration tosenior executives. The Board was authorized, for the period extending until the next AGM, to makedecisions, on one or more occasions, to issue a total of at most 4,000,000shares, entailing an increase in share capital of at most SEK 4,000,000,corresponding to a 23-percent dilution of the company's share capital and totalvoting rights. The Board is authorized to determine whether new shares shall beissued against cash payment and/or in accordance with the regulations set forthin chapter 13, 5§, paragraph 1, point 7 of the Swedish Companies Act. New sharesmay be issued with or without deviation from shareholders' preferential rights.The minutes of the 2009 AGM are published on the Group's website atwww.doro.com.For further information, please contact:Bo Kastensson, Chairman of the Board, Doro AB, +46 70 876 59 95, orPresident and CEO Jérôme Arnaud, +46 46 280 50 60About Doro With over 30 years' experience in telephony Doro is todaycharacterized by innovative and user-friendly consumer electronics products. Thecompany develops, markets and sells a wide range of products in two businessunits: Care Electronics and Home Electronics. The company's products are sold inmore than 30 countries worldwide through a variety of retail outlets, includingelectronics stores, online stores and specialized channels. The company hadsales of SEK 363 million in 2008. Doro's shares are quoted on the OMX NordicExchange Stockholm, Nordic list, Small companies. Read more about Doro atwww.doro.com


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