Ahead of Doro AB's Annual General Meeting

Ahead of Doro AB's Annual General MeetingThe Annual General Meeting of Doro AB will be held on Thursday, March 26, 2009at 3 p.m. CET at the Scandic Star Hotel, Glimmervägen 5 in Lund, Sweden. Theproposed agenda will be included in the formal notice of the Annual GeneralMeeting, which will be published in The Official Swedish Gazette (Post- ochInrikes Tidningar) and Svenska Dagbladet on February 25, 2009.Set out below is a summary of the matters that will be discussed at the AnnualGeneral Meeting.Board of Directors and AuditorsShareholders representing approximately 40 percent of the votes in Doro ABintend to support the Nomination Committee's proposal to re-elect Tomas Persson,Bo Kastensson (Chairman), Jonas Mårtensson, Peter Blom and Jérôme Arnaud.The auditor, Ernst & Young AB, with Ingvar Ganestam as the auditor in charge,and the company's deputy auditor Göran Neckmar, were elected at the 2007 AnnualGeneral Meeting for the period ending at the end of the 2011 Annual GeneralMeeting.DividendThe Board of Directors proposes that no dividend be paid for the 2008 financialyear.Authorization to issue new sharesThe Board of Directors proposes that the Annual General Meeting resolves toauthorize the Board of Directors to, during the period until the next AnnualGeneral Meeting, at one or more occasions, decide on new share issues of notmore than in aggregate 4,000,000 shares. The Board of Directors shall beauthorized to decide that such shares issues shall be paid in cash and/or inaccordance with chapter 13, Section 5, first paragraph, item 6 of the SwedishCompanies Act (contribution in kind, set-off or other terms). The share issuesmay be carried out with or without deviation from the preferential rights ofexisting shareholders.Amendment to the Articles of AssociationThe Board of Directors proposes that the first paragraph of Section 9 of theArticles of Association be discarded and substituted by the following: “Noticeof a General Meeting shall be published in The Official Swedish Gazette (Post-och Inrikes Tidningar) as well as on the Company's website. At the time of thenotice, an announcement informing that the notice has been issued shall bepublished in Svenska Dagbladet or, in the event of cancelled publication of thelast-mentioned newspaper, Dagens Nyheter.” The Annual General Meeting'sresolution to amend Section 9 as set out above shall be conditional upon that anamendment to the summons procedure for General Meetings in the Swedish CompaniesAct has entered into force, entailing that the proposed wording above is inconformity with the Swedish Companies Act.Participation in the MeetingNotification of participation at the Annual General Meeting shall be submittedin writing via e-mail to info@doro.com, by mail to Doro AB, Magistratsvägen 10,SE-226 43 Lund, Sweden, by phone to +46 46 280 5050, or by fax to +46 46 2805001. When notifying, please state full name, personal identification/corporateidentity number, shareholding, phone number (daytime) and details of (a maximumof two) potential assistants.To participate at the Annual General Meeting, shareholders must be registered inthe share register maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB (formerly VPC AB), theSwedish Securities Register Center, as per Friday, March 20, 2009, as well asnotify the company of their intention to participate no later than Friday 20March, 2009, at 12 noon CET.Further information:Please contact CEO Jérôme Arnaud, +46 46 280 50 60, or CFO Annette Borén, +46 46280 50 62.About Doro With over 30 years' experience in telephony Doro is today characterized byinnovative and user-friendly consumer electronicsproducts. The company develops markets and sells a wide range of products inthree business units: Care Electronics, HomeElectronics and Business Electronics. The company's products are sold in morethan 30 countries worldwide through a variety of retail outlets, includingelectronics stores, online stores and specialized channels. The company hadsales of SEK 363 million in 2008.Doro's shares are quoted on the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm, Small Cap.Read more about Doro at www.doro.com


Doro AB
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