Doro's investment in products for senior citizens gives prestigious international design award

Doro's investment in products for senior citizens gives prestigiousinternational design awardDoro will receive the prestigious French Janus Award for design for the DoroMemoryPlus 319ph telephone specially developed for senior citizens. Thetelephone, which is part of Doro's new, successful Care Electronics businessarea, has been specially designed for senior citizens with slight dementia andproblems with memory loss. Behind the winning design is a close collaborationbetween Doro and the Swedish design firm Ergonomidesign. The Janus Award is a well-renowned French design award started in 1953 and runby the French design institute, Institut Français Du Design. The jury consistsof fifty or so sociologists, behaviourists and experts from the business anddesign world who judge new products and services on the French market. The awardis given every year to the products and services that best succeed in living upto the five design criteria: Ergonomics, Aesthetics, Ethics, Economy andEmotionality. The Doro MemoryPlus 319ph has been given the Janus Award in the health category- Janus de la Santé. The French design award is a feather in Doro's cap andcould prove to be really significant for its continued success on the growtharea of Care Electronics in France, which is currently Doro's largest market. “We're very proud and happy to receive this award. It's proof that we are on theright track in our investment in Care Electronics, products that facilitate theeveryday lives of senior citizens. It's also pleasing that our senior citizenproducts are receiving attention from a design perspective, because this type ofproduct is traditionally limited in terms of form and functionality and has onlyexisted in a secluded part of the market,” says Jérome Arnaud, Doro's CEO.The Doro MemoryPlus 319ph, which received the award, was launched last autumnand is specifically designed for senior citizens who suffer from memory loss.The design combines exceptional simplicity of form with functionality. Thetelephone is characterised by its large memory buttons with space for photos andan ergonomic shape for ease of use and greater comfort. The telephone has beendesigned in close collaboration with Maria Benktzon, professor of industrialdesign, and her colleagues at the Ergonomidesign design firm in Stockholm. “When designing it's important to realise that senior citizens have differentneeds and there is no exact age for when we get old. We've focused on making thetelephone clear and intuitive so users instinctively understand how it works. Wealso put user needs first, while not forgetting the aesthetic value,” says MariaBenktzon.  Doro will receive the French award at the Janus Award gala in Paris inSeptember. To download the high resolution image click here or go to www.doro.se.For further information, please contact: Jérome Arnaud, CEO Doro, Tel: +33 1 30 07 17 01, email: jerome.arnaud@doro.com Maria Benktzon, Ergonomidesign, Tel: +46 733 61 12 14, emailmaria.benktzon@ergonomidesign.comTo test Doro's design winning Doro MemoryPlus 319ph, please contact: Jonas Lidheimer, Sund Kommunikation, Tel: +46 739 62 02 92, emailjonas.lidheimer@sundkommunikation.se About DoroWith over 30 years' experience in telephony Doro is today characterised byinnovative and user-friendly consumer electronics products. The company developsmarkets and sells a wide range of products in three business units: HomeElectronics, Business Electronics and Care Electronics. The company's productsare sold in more than 30 countries worldwide through a variety of retailoutlets, including electronics stores, online stores and specialized channels.The company had sales of SEK 346 million in 2007. Doro's shares are quoted onthe Stockholm Stock Exchange, Nordic list, Small companies. Read more about Doroat www.doro.com.


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