Doro proves 25 per cent growth and EBIT of SEK 4.7 million (SEK 0.9 m) for Q3

Doro proves 25 per cent growth and EBIT of SEK 4.7 million (SEK 0.9 m) for Q3Doro's sales improved by 25.3 per cent to SEK 101.9 million in Q3 compared tothe same period last year. The improved sales were particularly due to stronggrowth that continued in the Care business unit. The EBIT for Q3 was SEK 4.7million, which is a substantial improvement compared to last year (SEK 0.9 m).Doro tripled sales in Care Electronics over the third quarter compared to lastyear, and at year to date sales have risen from about SEK 24.8 million to SEK90.3 million, comprising 37.4 per cent (10.7 per cent) of total sales.Doro had sales of SEK 101.9 million (SEK 81.2 m) in Q3 and SEK 241.4 million(SEK 232.5 m) over the first nine months. The operating profit before tax andfinancial items for Q3 was SEK 4.7 million (SEK 0.9 m) and for the first ninemonths SEK 2.2 million (SEK 3.1 m). The cash flow from operations for Q3 was SEK6.9 million (SEK 1.6 m) and for the first nine monthsSEK - 20.3 million (SEK - 28.6 m).“Our easy-to-use mobile phones are now listed by main operators such asTeliaSonera, Telenor, TMobile and other leading operators and retailers. Doro istoday one of the top five brands in the Nordic GSM market with a steadilyincreasing market share,” says Jérôme Arnaud, Doro's CEO and continues:“The growth in Care Electronics is offsetting the decline in other activities inHome and Business Electronics, a decline that have been lower than in previousquarters. Our order intake is steady, and I am pleased to see that our costcontrol combined with good sales growth has seen us achieve an operating profit(EBIT) of SEK 4.7 million.At the same time, outlook for fourth quarter is uncertain due to financialcrisis and the rapid strengthening of the US dollar. The negative currencyeffect will be partly offset by a hedge contract.”The full report is available at www.doro.comFor further information please contact:CEO Jérôme Arnaud, phone: +46 46 280 50 05CFO, Annette Borén, phone +46 46 280 50 62About Doro With over 30 years' experience in telephony Doro is today characterised byinnovative and user-friendly consumer electronics products. The company developsmarkets and sells a wide range of products in three business units: HomeElectronics, Business Electronics and Care Electronics. The company's productsare sold in more than 30 countries worldwide through a variety of retailoutlets, including electronics stores, online stores and specialized channels.The company had sales of SEK 346 million in 2007. Doro's shares are quoted onthe Stockholm Stock Exchange, Nordic list, Small companies. Read more about Doroat www.doro.com.


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