Continued strong growth for Care Electronics, 33 per cent of Doro for first half year

Continued strong growth for Care Electronics, 33 per cent of Doro for first halfyearDoro's business unit Care Electronics continued its strong growth during thesecond quarter and increased sales by almost 300 per cent.  In the secondquarter Care Electronics represented about 40 per cent of Doro's total sales.For the first half year Care Electronic's sales amounted to SEK 46.7 million(SEK 15.1 m) representing about 33 per cent of total sales. The strong increaseis mainly driven by the success of easy-to-use mobile phones for seniorcitizens. During the second quarter the new mobile phones HandleEasy 328gsm andHandleEasy 330gsm were successfully launched across Europe.   “Thanks to increased order intake in the second quarter compared to the firstquarter, we expect the second half of 2008 to be better than previous year. Thiswill mainly be in Care Electronics on the back of marketing efforts and thelaunch of new products for senior citizens”, says Jérôme Arnaud, CEO of Doro.Doro had sales of SEK 68.1 million (SEK 72.5 m) during the second quarter andSEK 139.5 million (SEK 151.2 m) during the first half year. The lower salesfollows forecasted sales trends in the business units Home and BusinessElectronics. The operating loss before tax and financial items for the second quarter was SEK4.3 million (SEK -0.2 m) and for the half year SEK 3.7 million (SEK +1.1 m). Theloss was mainly due to lower sales combined with higher marketing and salescosts for introducing new products in Care Electronics.“During the second half of 2008 we will continue to build our Care Electronicsbusiness. In Home Electronics we will focus on the launch of new products tooffset market decline. In Business Electronics we anticipate improved sales ofour new range of VoIP products having strengthened our sales force”, concludesJérôme Arnaud.The Interim report is available at www.doro.comFor further information please contact:CEO Jérôme Arnaud, phone: +46-46-280 50 05 Director Marketing Fredrik Forssell, phone: +46-46-280 50 80About DoroWith over 30 years' experience in telephony Doro is today characterised byinnovative and user-friendly consumer electronics products. The company developsmarkets and sells a wide range of products in three business units: HomeElectronics, Business Electronics and Care Electronics. The company's productsare sold in more than 30 countries worldwide through a variety of retailoutlets, including electronics stores, online stores and specialized channels.The company had sales of SEK 346 million in 2007. Doro's shares are quoted onthe Stockholm Stock Exchange, Nordic list, Small companies. Read more about Doroat www.doro.com.


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