A new favourite for the world's Wi-Fi network - the Doro ip700wifi

A new favourite for the world's Wi-Fi network - the Doro ip700wifiThe slim, modern design of the new Doro ip700wifi is the perfect VoIP telephonefor people wanting to make simple calls at low cost over the existing broadbandnetwork. The new telephone is also an excellent tool for both companies andprivate individuals who travel a lot because it can be used at Wi-Fi hot-spotsaround the world - at hotels, restaurants and airports.  The new Doro ip700wifi allows the user to make ip calls without a computer. Itlooks like an ordinary mobile phone but is equipped with WLAN and therefore canbe connected directly to an available Wi-Fi network. For users this means it ispossible to make calls simply and cheaply from almost anywhere in the world -provided there is access to a wireless network and that they are registered to aVoip service (either an operator or a service internal to their company). “Wi-Fi networks are now available in many places and the technology is simpleand reliable. The best thing is that our new ip700wifi telephone is both a smartsolution for companies, but also ideal as a home telephone, irrespective ofwhether you're at home or not,” says Jerome Arnaud, CEO of Doro.The Doro ip700wifi is based on the latest data and voice transfer technology -SIP 2.0. The telephone can support several SIP accounts, making it possible touse both home and work numbers. In this way the user can receive and call fromhome or work, irrespective of where they are in the world.The ip700wifi supports IEEE 802.11b for fast, reliable and encryptedcommunication over WLAN/Wi-Fi networks. Automatic logging on to WLAN, WLANsearch via command shortcuts (Site Survey) and the possibility to save many WLANnetwork preferences are just a few of the practical functions of the ip700wifi.Moving between a number of different access points in the same SSID doesn'taffect the quality of the call. In addition to the attractive design, the new ip700wifi comes equipped withcolour display, vibration signal, more than 10 language options and a telephonedirectory with 100 numbers. The sound quality is exceptional thanks to ComfortNoise Generation, Voice Activity Detection and Echo Cancellation. All softwarein the telephone can be simply updated via Wi-Fi. The Doro ip700wifi is now available from telephony specialists at a cost ofaround SEK 1,400. To download high-resolution images click here or go to www.doro.se.For further information, please contact: Fredrik Forssell, Marketing Director at Doro, phone +46 705 15 67 34, Email: fredrik.forssell@doro.com For product tests, please contact:  Jonas Lidheimer, Sund Kommunikation, phone +46 739 62 02 92, email: jonas.lidheimer@sundkommunikation.se About DoroWith over 30 years' experience in telephony Doro is today characterised byinnovative and user-friendly consumer electronics products. The company developsmarkets and sells a wide range of products in three business units: HomeElectronics, Business Electronics and Care Electronics. The company's productsare sold in more than 30 countries worldwide through a variety of retailoutlets, including electronics stores, online stores and specialized channels.The company had sales of SEK 346 million in 2007. Doro's shares are quoted onthe Stockholm Stock Exchange, Nordic list, Small companies. Read more about Doroat www.doro.com.


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