A quiet revolution is happening all over the world. The growing senior population is healthier, more active and more outward looking than just ten years ago.

Closing the technology gap

As people increasingly communicate via mobile devices and the Internet, a technology gap is created between seniors and the rest of the population. Doro’s products and services help close this gap. By offering value-added, easy-to-use and secure solutions, we enable seniors to communicate more easily with family and friends, as well as to be active citizens in spite of impairments that may come with age. And by applying our expertise to the latest trends and technology developments, we make it easier for seniors to adopt new innovations.

Increasing service content 

At Doro we aim to secure market leadership within digital safety services for use in combination with fixed and mobile telephony, as well as dedicated alarm devices. These services include 24/7 contact with call centers and trained health and social care staff. Also, the combination of sensor technology and sophisticated applications associated with Smarthomes enables greater safety and freedom for seniors both inside and outside the home. Doro Care is key to our efforts to evolve from primarily a hardware-based offering, to services that enable seniors to continue living at home. 

For more details about our strategy, download the latest Annual Report here.


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