The senior market

Doro is the market leader in the senior segment of the mobile phone market. Product development and marketing are based on in-depth understanding of the communication needs of seniors.

Demographics of the EU


Total: 508M


Total: 516M


Total: 524M


Total: 528M

% share 65-80

% share 80+

Demographics drive demand

Seniors now comprise the fastest growing age group in the OECD countries, and will continue to grow significantly. According to European Commission forecasts, the older population in the EU is expected to increase by 58 million, or 77%, between 2010 and 2050. This is a key, long-term driver to demand for our products and services.

In-depth market research

Seniors are not a homogenous group. We continuously conduct consumer studies to ensure a deep understanding of consumers aged 65+, so that we can offer a portfolio that will meet them at whatever stage they are at:


Our standard mobile and home devices, apps and services are adapted to the needs of seniors who are active yet need some guidance when using mobile technology and devices.


Our supportive products and apps are developed to support seniors with decreased eyesight or hearing, an increased risk of falling, etc.


Doro Care solutions are for seniors suffering from long-term conditions, loneliness or loss of autonomy, and who need dedicated devices in order to live in their own home.

The senior phone market

As the number of seniors grows, so does the demand for products and solutions that address their specific needs. These are the people we focus on to 100%, developing easy-to-use, reliable telecom products and services not otherwise found in the mainstream market. Our offering centres on mobile phones that combine bigger buttons, clearer sound and easier-to-read displays with outstanding functions that make everyday life easier and provide a greater sense of security.

Smartphones on the rise

In 2016 we launched our first 4G smartphone. In the same year, smartphone sales rose from 14.2% of Doro’s total mobile sales in 2015, to 19.5%. Since then we have continued to build on this momentum by investing in various marketing activities, including training of reseller staff, to further boost the smartphone share.

Feature phones remain important

While an increasing number of seniors are switching to smartphones, feature phones remain very important as many find them more comfortable. We expect sales of senior feature phones to remain stable for several more years, and will continue to improve our range of feature phones.

Care for those in need

Through Doro Care we offer a wide selection of products and services focused on the safety and well being of seniors having greater needs related to ageing. We have been developing digital care devices and systems for over ten years, and are currently the Swedish and Norwegian market leader in digital care devices.


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