Total Directors’ fees in amounted to SEK 1,483,000 in accordance with an Annual General Meeting 2018 resolution. Of this amount, the fees to the Chairman of the Board were SEK 450,000 and the rest of the board SEK 1,033,000. 


The Company’s current Chief Executive Officer received a salary of SEK 3,700,000 for his work in 2018. Pursuant to the current employment contract, the Chief Executive Officer and the company have a  mutual notice period of 12 months. During the notice period, the Chief Executive Officer is entitled to full salary and other employment benefits. Salaries to the Group management´s  amounted to SEK 10,731,000.  SEK 1,195,000 of variable compensation was paid for 2018. All employed members of Group managment including the CEO are offered an employment benefit in the form of a company car. The Annual General Meeting held on 27 April 2018 adopted guidelines for remuneration of senior executives for the financial year 2018. The other senior executives have a notice period of two to twelve months. 

Warrant programme

Doro has a warrant programme 2018-2021.

Please see warrant programme that was approved at the AGM 27:th of April 2018. (Only in Swedish).

Remuneration guidelines for the Group Management

The Board’s proposed guidelines for remuneration of senior executives for 2017 are principally that salaries and other terms of employment for the management will be at market levels. The annual general meeting 2017 adopted the Board’s proposal.

In addition to fixed basic salary, the management can also receive variable remuneration and bonuses with a predetermined ceiling and based on results achieved relative to established targets (and in certain cases, other key performance indicators).

The maximum cost, including social security contributions, for variable remuneration may not exceed the fixed base salary of the company’s management. An amount is to be set annually for the total cost for fixed and variable remuneration. This amount must include all the Company’s remuneration costs. The Company’s senior executives are able to allocate part of their fixed and variable remuneration to other benefits, such as pension benefits. The management’s pension plans shall mainly be defined contribution plans.

If employment is terminated by the Company, senior executives may be entitled to severance pay; in which case, this shall have a predetermined ceiling. No severance pay is due if employment is terminated by the employee.

The Board is entitled to depart from these guidelines if there are particular reasons for this in individual cases.


In the past three years the fees for audit work within the Doro Group amounted to SEK 1,6m (2018), SEK 1.6m (2017) and 2.0m (2016) respectively.


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