Corporate Governance at Doro

Having the confidence of the market, shareholders and the public is essential to Doro’s continued success. To maintain it, the Board of Directors and management must conduct themselves in a responsible, transparent and committed manner. Accordingly, it is reassuring that in the year, the Board of Directors worked effectively and constructively with the Company’s management and other employees.

The role of the Board is becoming increasingly important in a global business environment where change is occurring ever more rapidly not only in terms of the macroeconomic climate and specific business conditions that Doro operates in, but also through the increased competition now present on some of our markets. We are well prepared to face changing market conditions and the Company can adapt quickly to new circumstances. 

We are also in a period of significant investment in new products and services that make life easier for the world’s seniors. This places great demands on the Board’s ability to take well-founded decisions and to balance the risks and opportunities always associated with a commercial enterprise. 

Doro’s openness to the market and the fact that we continually provide information about ongoing actions and business results are just as important to Doro’s credibility. This is the basis of a value-creating relationship with all our stakeholders, whereby existing and new shareholders can be sure they are receiving accurate information at the right time. 

Doro AB is a Swedish public limited company listed on OMX Nasdaq Stockholm (“the Stockholm Stock Exchange”). Doro’s corporate governance is based on Swedish legislation, primarily the Swedish Companies Act, but also on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s Rule Book for Issuers, the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (“the Code”) and other applicable rules. The Company is also governed by its Articles of Association, internal instructions and policies, and recommendations issued by relevant bodies.This Corporate Governance Report has been prepared by the Board of Directors of Doro AB in compliance with the Swedish Annual Accounts Act and the Code. This Report is part of the formal Annual Accounts


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