A global leader in telecom for seniors 

Doro develops telecom products and services for Seniors to lead full and rich lives: to do things they want to do more easily as well as the things they thought they might never do. 



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Doro Q3 2018 Audiocast

Doro’s Q3 report 2018 will be released October 19, 2018 at 08.00.  The audiocast is presented at 09.00 on the same day. 

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Doro acquires Welbeing, a UK based telecare company

To expand our telecare business and strengthen our platform and service revenue, Doro has acquired the UK based telecare company Welbeing, based in Eastbourne, UK.

Q3 Interim report

19:th of October2018

Interim reports

13 Jul | 2018

Q2 report 2018


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211 20  Malmö
Phone 0046 46 280 50 00

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